February 22, 2018


Free comics!  Cheap Comics!  Cool Comics!

CrossGen Comics and SlushFactory.com have joined together to offer CrossGen Comics on the Web.

For the subscription price of only $1 per month to start, you will be presented with Web comics in an easy to read format accessible in seconds from even the slowest dial-up connection. They read just like a printed comic, but with a rich set of features developed in Flash. Initially launched with more than 50 CrossGen issues available, accounting for more than 1,100 pages, the library will grow to more than 160 issues and 4,400 pages by the end of 2002, rising at a steady pace to nearly 20,000 pages and more than 800 issues by 2005. The number of issues available, when calculated against the $1 per month base, brings the cost per comic down to about 3 cents at launch time, and reduces it to about half a penny by the end of 2002!

There's more than pay comics at the site, however.  Click the link below and read a bunch of CrossGen comics for free.  Does it get cooler than this?  We think not.

Check out the goodness by clicking here


Link to Slush:

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