December 17, 2017


The Pitch:
Kaare Andrews

By Kaare Andrews

Welcome to's weekly feature, "The Pitch." Every Wednesday, creators "pitch" you their newest, upcoming project in hopes of persuading you to give it a chance.

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THE PITCH: One creator, Six questions.

Pitch: Kaare Andrews

Your name: Kaare Kyle Andrews
Title of book: Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan
Publisher of book: Marvel Comics
Ongoing or miniseries: 5 issue miniseries
Other collaborators on book: Skott Young (penciller), Pat Dike (painter), C.B. Cebulski (editor
Expected on-sale date: Oct. 2, 2002

(1) Fill in the blanks: My name is Kaare Andrews and I am best known for...violating the sanctity of The Incredible Hulk with superfluous covers depicting the raging green beast as a box of cereal or a Norman Rockwell painting, as well as creating the Mangaverse version of Spider-Man that this miniseries is based on and writing a jam issue that used almost every version of the X-Men known to mankind. I also won $40 in McDonald's gift certificates by memorizing and reciting the McDonald's menu song in 20 seconds over the radio when I was in grade 7 and I can chug a pint of beer in 4 seconds.

(2) What is your book about?

Peter Parker is a teenage ninja in training who vows to avenge his Sensei's death.

(3) What is the origin of this project, secret or otherwise? Give us the origin story.

This title all originated with the Marvel Mangaverse event organized by Brian Smith. After blackmailing Smitty into letting me do the Mangaverse version of Spider-Man (the story involves a large block of American Cheddar Cheese and a trip to Thailand) I was able to bribe the public into making my issue one of the more popular Mangaverse titles with promises of pancakes. Low and behold the issue was sold out, appeared on Wizard's Top 10 for a couple months (more blackmail and bribery) and Marvel launched the monthly Mangaverse title.

At this point C.B. Cebulski was hired by Marvel as their new hotshot editor and was given the Mangaverse title to edit. C.B. offered me a one or two issue run on the title but I was really too busy with other work at the time (most notably X-Men Unlimited #37) and had to decline. X-Men Unlimited #37 was a jam issue (which C.B. was also editing) and C.B. asked if I would look at the new undiscovered superstar Skottie Young and see if we could fit him in the book. There wasn't any room at the time but being familiar with Skottie's work I quickly asked C.B. if he was interested in letting Skott draw a short run on that Mangaverse monthly that I would write using the Spider-Man character. He agreed, I wrote up a story, it was enlarged to 3 issues and an artist dropped out of the X-Men issue.

Damn. This is both long and confusing. Still with me? So we got Skottie to work on the issue of X-Men Unlimited after all and in the meantime the Mangaverse monthly was canceled. But the good folks at Marvel really liked our Spider-Man story and offered us a 5 issue miniseries. We said yes.

(4) Aside from the promise of tall dollars, what drew you to this project? Why now?

This was my opportunity to work strictly as a writer. It's an exciting thing. And it was another opportunity to collaborate with both C.B. and Skottie.

Besides my own selfish reasons, there really is a larger purpose here. There is a huge hole in the comic book readership demographic that needs to be filled. Comics that are young, fresh, urban and stylized. This book addresses that gap.

(5) Why should a reader pick your book over, say, lunch on a given day? Pitch away.

By issue three Aunt May suits up and kicks ninja ass.

(6) Anything else you'd like to add?

Black Cat. Daredevil. A horde of demon ninja wearing Spidey's black suit.

Concluding Note: Where can readers go for more information:

- Kaare Andrews' Site
- Skottie Young's site:
- Pat Duke's Site

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