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DVD News:
Spin City Comes To DVD
By Brian Jacks


Here at Slush, we loves us some Spin City. And luckily so does Michael J. Fox. That's why the multiple Emmy Award-winning actor is adding his heartfelt personal touch to the DVD debut of SPIN CITY: Michael J. Fox – His All Time Favorites Volume 1 & Volume 2.

Celebrating the irreverent hit comedy series, Fox personally selected each Spin City episode featured on this double-disc, two-volume release, arriving August 26, 2003 from DreamWorks Home Entertainment.

Bringing fans even closer to the hilarious moments from the show, Fox recently sat down in front of the camera exclusively for the DVD release to introduce each of the 22-featured episodes. In his inimitably charming way, Fox recounts boisterous times, priceless anecdotes and fond memories from his years on the set with the incredible all-star cast, including Heather Locklear (who garnered Golden Globe nominations for her role) Richard Kind, Alan Ruck, Michael Boatman, Connie Britton, Alexander Chaplin, Victoria Dillard, Jennifer Esposito, Carla Gugino and Barry Bostwick as the Mayor.

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Loaded with celebrity guest appearances, including Fox’s television mother and father from “Family Ties,” Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross, plus Woody Harrelson, “Late Night” front man Conan O’Brien and more, each volume of SPIN CITY: Michael J. Fox – His All Time Favorites is priced to own for as low as $22.95 (MAP). Pre-book is July 15, 2003. In addition, six special PSAs featuring Michael and his “Spin City” co-stars are offered on both volumes. These PSAs provide important information on The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research highlighting the organization’s efforts and dedication to finding a cure for the disease.

The following lists the episodes included in SPIN CITY: Michael J. Fox – His All Time Favorites Volume 1 and Volume 2:

Volume 1: Disc 1

· Pilot Episode – Michael Flaherty and his staff grapple with a city-wide garbage strike and a political gaffe by the Mayor who accidentally insults the gay community. Mike solves that problem by hiring a gay activist to serve as Head of Minority Affairs. In his personal life, Mike discovers, much to his surprise, that he and his girlfriend are living together.

· “Meet Tommy Dugan” – An opinionated school janitor (Woody Harrelson) becomes “Mayor for a Day” when he wins an essay contest intended for school children.

· “Dog Day Afternoon” – Mike tries to appease the disgruntled Police commissioner by honoring a beloved police dog that has recently died. Unfortunately, Paul and Carter lose the dog en route to the memorial forcing Mike to find a canine replacement.

· “Family Affair” Part 1 – Mike’s mom (Meredith Baxter) is visiting for a week and she and the Mayor hit it off better than Mike ever imagined, or feared.

· “Family Affair” Part 2 – Mike must choose between protecting his mom and protecting the Mayor when he tries to spin the Mayor out of a new scandal -- His Honor’s alibi would reveal that he spent the night with Mike’s mom instead of a prostitute.

· “Miracle Near 34th Street” – Mike scrambles to restore a young boy’s faith in Santa Claus after the Mayor tells him that he doesn’t exist.

· “The Paul Lassiter Story” – The usually indomitable Mike can't cope at the office because of upsetting news he's unwilling to share--his doctor suspects Mike has prostate cancer. The timing couldn't be worse, since the Mayor needs Mike to help him write his memoirs. Paul is concerned about his own legacy and encourages Mike to elevate his place in City Hall history.

Volume 1: Disc 2

· “The Pope of Gracie Mansion” – The Pope is visiting New York City, leading to spiritual revitalizations for Mike and the Mayor. Mike goes to confession for the first time in years only to find Stuart masquerading as the priest.

· “Catcher in the Bronx” – The Mayor’s goof at a Yankees game costs Roger Clemens a perfect game. The Mayor’s popularity plummets putting more pressure on Mike as he tries to do his job in addition to running the Mayor’s campaign for Senate. When the Mayor insists that Mike hire a full-time campaign manager, Mike sets out to find the least competent candidate, Heather Locklear, in her debut episode, fools Mike into giving her the job.

· “A Tale of Two Sisters” – The staff organizes a “town meeting” to help the Mayor find a date for an upcoming mayor’s conference. Meanwhile, Mike goes out with Caitlin’s sister (Christine Taylor) and ends up making Caitlin jealous.

· “Casino” – The city’s raffle to raise money for the Big Buddy program becomes a disaster when Paul prints all winning tickets. Mike takes Paul to Atlantic City in an effort to make back the money for the Big Buddy program. During their absence, Stuart and Carter torture Caitlin with their discovery of her 1980’s videotaped audition for “Star Search.”

Volume 2: Disc 1

· “Kiss Me Stupid” – It’s Valentine’s Day, and Carter’s old flame (Luke Perry) wants to him. Carter convinces Mike to pose as his boyfriend to make his old lover jealous. In the meantime, Paul’s romantic evening with Claudia becomes unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

· “Radio Daze” – The Mayor goes head-to-head with a popular disc jockey. Taunted by the shock jock’s criticism of the dirty New York waterways, Mike and the Mayor agree to jump in the Hudson River to prove its cleanliness.

· “They Shoot Horses Don’t They?” – The Mayor’s free-thinking daughter (Alyssa Milano) puts the “bare” in bareback when she disrupts a rally with hansom carriage drivers in Central Park to draw attention to her animal rights stance -- and not coincidentally, herself.

· “Dead Dog Talking” – Mike becomes a hero when he takes credit for stopping a runaway baby carriage and ultimately catches the attention of supermodel Heidi Klum. Carter gets custody of Rags, his family’s suicidal, 19-year-old dog, who begs Mike to put him out of his misery.

· “There’s Something About Heidi” – Mike becomes the laughing stock of the office after a compromising picture whit him and Heidi Klum appears in the tabloids. Meanwhile, Nikki admits to Carter that she has a crush on Mike.

· “Gone With The Wind” – After Mike has sex with Heidi Klum for the first time, she asks him to keep their relationship a secret. Mike inadvertently admits to the relationship in front of the press and end up losing Heidi in the process.

· “An Officer & A Gentleman” – Mike discovers that his childhood pal (Lou Diamond Phillips) has more in common with Carter than meets the eye, and Mike finds it hard to deal with this revelation.

Volume 2: Disc 2

· “Quest For Fire” – During his day off, Mike scrambles to find the missing Nigerian speed walker who’s scheduled to pass the Olympic Torch to the Mayor. Meanwhile, Paul tries to blend into his new Harlem neighborhood and ends up offending Carter and Janelle in the process.

· “The Marry Caitlin Moore Show” – Mike hires a hotshot director to film the Mayor’s Senate commercial, unaware that he is Caitlin’s ex-husband. After James confides in Stuart about a recurring gay dream, Stuart tries to convince James that he’s actually gay. Meanwhile, Paul becomes addicted to wearing makeup after Nikki helps him cover a rash for his appearance on “The View.”

· “Goodbye” Part. 1 – Nikki’s boyfriend turns out to be a mobster who has been inadvertently getting the office staff to do favors for him. A reporter makes the connection and accuses the Mayor of being involved in organized crime. Mike discusses his feelings for Caitlin with his new therapist
(Michael Gross).

· “Goodbye” Part. 2 – In Michael J. Fox’s farewell episode, the staff works damage control over the Mayor’s awkward link to organized crime. Mike takes the fall and resigns to save the Mayor’s reputation. Mike takes a moment with each staff member (and actor) to say goodbye before he leaves City Hall for the last time.


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