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X-Fan Reviews:
Weapon X #7
By The X-Fan Team


Reviewer: Brian E. Wilkinson
Quick Rating: Great!
Story Title: The Underground, part 1

The greatest threat to the program is the Underground, but they donít know it yetÖ

Written by: Frank Tieri
Penciled by: Georges Jeanty
Inked by: Norm Rapmund
Colors by: Tom Chuís Color Dojo
Letters by: Paul Tutrone
Assistant Editor: Nova Ren Suma
Associate Editor: Mike Raicht
Editor: Mike Marts
Editor In Chief: Joe Quesada
President: Bill Jemas

And weíll take an already good book and raise it up a notchÖ

Thatís what writer Frank Tieri and artist Georges Jeanty have done with this issue. Theyíve taken an already interesting concept, and given it a twist that readers didnít even know they were missing.

Spending time making a good book out of bad people isnít an easy task. Yet from the first issue, Iíve found myself enjoying Weapon X for all of its violence, blood, and lack of morals. I suppose it was inevitable that a Ďvillainí of sorts for the book, a countering force, would have to soon emerge to help ground the cast, but itís odd that the heroes of every other Marvel book are now the bad guys in this book.

Itís enough to make my head swim.

For one, I donít know who to support. I mean, I love Cable (and no matter what anyone else says, thatís who this guy is), and Maverick, Domino, Meltdown, etcÖ but if THEY win then who is this book about?

If you look at this book as being something of a parody of The Sopranos then you should be just fine. That show, while brilliantly executed, is essentially about a group of bad guys that you love. Yet it is the approach that makes the show wonderful. Itís about people with questionable jobs doing their best to make their way in a lawful world. The police, the FBI, and other law agencies in that show are something which fans hope the cast will thwart with each episode. For every crime they get away with, we cheer. Justice is left up to them to hand out, and for the most part weíre satisified.

So, what does that then say about us?

Probably that weíre easily entertained. As Cable and his grew make their way into the book to provide the balance the series needs, I feel much more at home and happy with learning about our cast of misfits. Mesmero gets some surprising developments, Aurora and The Director continue to work on their relationship, and it seems as though Wild Child has been pulled into Jacksonís little attempt at a coup.

And Iím loving it.

Iím also impressed with the logic Tieri uses here in this issue. Of course the Underground (Cableís group) is going to be able to see through Weapon Xís little media conference, but the decision to NOT unmask Mesmero was brilliantly thought through. I shared in Meltdownís impatience to get things going and to reveal the essence of what was going on, but the simple fact is that you show too much before you have all the information in front of you and you could wind up dead.

The coloring was a bit off in this issue, as the first splash page of Cable in his headquarters is colored differently on the opposing pages. It happens, but this is one of the few times Iíve noticed something like this. This issue is also a great case to make against the recap page as fans were clearly told that Maverick is INDEED part of Cableís crew, but this negates artist Georges Jeantyís attempts to keep the character in shadow for much of the issue.

Themís the breaks, though.

Article continued below advertisement

Iíve said it before during his run on Wolverine, but I love how well Tieri pays attention to continuity. The relationship between Domino and Cable is textbook, as are the references to Cableís past friendship with Kane. Given the dynamics of the members of Weapon X, and some of their past histories as heroes, I canít wait to see where Tieri is going to lead his readers.

The most interesting part of this book for me wasnít in the debut of Cable, his team, or in their findings of ĎNeverlandí, the mutant concentration camp. It was the simple teaser page featuring two unrevealed mutants walking in to a fast food store and killing the people inside it. Are they on the side of good or evil (though murder would make it seem like they arenít around to help)?

How will they fit in to the upcoming stories? Are they enemies for the Underground, or Weapon X? How much of a presence will the Underground have in the future of the series?

I have no idea, and Iím loving it. Tieri has always been able to surprise me with how deceptively complex his plots can be, and yet overwhelmingly entertaining at the same time.

Where we go from here is a mystery, though plenty of confrontation, developments, and excitement is sure to follow.

Jeanty is back with this issue, taking a much-deserved break after issue #5. I loved his renditions of Maverick and Cable, and once again his use of shadows is very effective in contrast to his art style. Itís not the best work Iíve seen from him, but the brilliant cover featuring Cable was worth the price of admission.

This arc has all the makings of great comic book storytelling. With Tieri at the helm pulling the strings, and Jeanty working the orchestra of movement and emotion, the show is about to begin.

Take your seats, grab your popcorn buckets, and enjoy the feature.

Make sure you turn off your cell phones, though.

ART: 4/5
STORY: 4/5


Eric J. Moreels
X-Fan Editor-in-Chief

Brian E. Wilkinson
Editor, Head Reviewer


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