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The Pitch:
Jay Faerber & Justin Gray
By Jay Faerber & Justin Gray


Welcome to Slushfactory.com's weekly feature, "The Pitch." Every Wednesday two creators "pitch" you their newest, upcoming project in hopes of convincing you to give it a chance.

Pitching last week: Geoff Johns & Trina Robbins

THE PITCH: One creator, Six questions.

Pitch: Jay Faerber

Your name: Jay Faerber
Title of book: Noble Causes: Family Secrets
Publisher of book: Image Comics
Ongoing or miniseries: 4-issue, monthly mini-series
Other collaborators on book: Penciller Ian Richardson & inker John Wycough on the lead stories; and back-up pencillers Jonboy Meyers, Matt Wendt, Jon Sommariva, and Andres Ponce, with back-up inkers Damon Hacker, Phil Balsman, and Ed Herrera. Colorists Chris Sotomayor, J. Brown, and Jeremy Roberts, and letterer Ray Dillon.
Expected on-sale date: The first issueís on sale Oct.2nd 2002.

(1) Fill in the blanks: My name is Jay Faerber and I am best known for...Noble Causes -- or being the writer on Titans when the DEO kids were introduced. ;-)

(2) What is your book about?

Noble Causes: Family Secrets is the latest installment in the ongoing saga of Liz Donnelly and the Noble Family. Liz is an everyday girl who fell in love with Race Noble, the prodigal son in a family of celebrity super-heroes. After a whirlwind romance, the two were married, but Race was killed on their wedding night. Now the widowed Liz lives with the Noble family, and is the only normal person to ever witness what these super-celebrities are like behind closed doors.

In the first series, simply titled Noble Causes, it was revealed that Icarus, the familyís loyal robot servant, had murdered Race and severely injured Rusty, in an effort to reshape the family into what he thought patriarch Doc Noble wanted. In this new mini-series, Liz and the Noble family are still struggling to pick up the pieces following that ordeal.

Some time has passed since NC #4, and NC:FS #1 opens with Lizís first public appearance since Raceís murder. Sheís appearing on a live talk show, and the rest of the family is nervous as hell that sheís going to screw it up. Exactly what happens on this talk show propels the rest of the mini-series. Iím not going to give it away, but it has a lot to do with teenage Zephyr Noble, who recently learned she was pregnant, although she was being very tight-lipped about the fatherís identity.

Celeste Noble, whoís been torn between her husband, Rusty, and his half-brother, Frost, continues to oscillate between the two brothers, an arrangement neither one of them is happy with. By the end of the mini-series, both Rusty and Celeste will make decisions about their future which will surprise you.

All in all, Noble Causes: Family Secrets is a very character-driven book. While there are some action scenes, the action is always down-played in favor of character development.

(3) What is the origin of this project, secret or otherwise? Give us the origin story.

Well, about two years ago, I pitched Noble Causes to Image, as my first creator-owned series. I wanted to do something that played to my strengths (characterization and dialogue), and I wanted to do something with super-heroes that didnít hinge on the obligatory fight scenes, since thatís always my least favorite part about writing super-hero comics. So, by shifting the focus of NC to the family dynamics, I had all the conflict I needed without bringing in a villain-of-the-month.

(4) Aside from the promise of tall dollars, what drew you to this project? Why now?

The creative freedom Iíve enjoyed with this book has been the best experience of my career. Some of my writer friends think the amount of work I have to put into this thing (since I act as editor as well as writer) is insane, but Iíve always been something of a control freak, so I really enjoy being able to approve each step of the process.

As for "why now," well, the original series was a critical hit, but we felt it wasnít quite living up to its potential. When our regular artist, Pat Gleason, told us he was leaving after issue #4 to accept an assignment from DC, we decided to relaunch the book as a series of mini-series (sort of like Hellboy). This would give any interested fans a clear jumping-on point, and would also give a nice push to the book when we debut our new penciller, Ian Richardson. Our first issue is finished, and weíre moving nicely along with #2. Fans wonít be disappointed.

(5) Why should a reader pick your book over, say, lunch on a given day? Pitch away.

First, our book is completely free of calories and fat and all those other things that make people fat.

Second, this is a book both for people who love super-heroes, and people who have no interest in Ďem. For super-hero fans, I play around enough with archetypes and standard conventions that thereís an air of familiarity about the cast and the approach, but with a different spin. For the non-fans, because Iím skewing things differently, this doesnít read like your typical super-hero book. Iíve heard from a number of guys whoíve gotten their wives and girlfriends hooked on the book, because itís all about the characters, not about guys throwing cars at each other. So everyone should give it a read!

(6) Anything else you'd like to add?

If youíre curious, you can download Noble Causes: First Impressions (the issue that started it all) for free at http://www.nobleswatch.com/download.html. Itís a PDF file, so you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Concluding Note: Where can readers go for more information:


Related Art:

Issue 1, Page 4, pencils by Ian Richardson

Page 5

Variant cover by Cory Walker

Cover A

Backup story by
Jonboy Meyers

Additional page from backup story

Pitch: Justin Gray

Your name: Justin Gray
Title of book: The Resistance
Publisher of book: Wildstorm/DC Comics
Ongoing or miniseries: Ongoing
Other collaborators on book: Co-Written with Jimmy Palmiotti, art by Juan Santacruz and Francis Portella. Colorist Paul Mounts and edited by Bob Harras.
Expected on-sale date: September 25th, 2002

(1) Fill in the blanks: My name is Justin Gray and I am best known for...21Down, which is another book that Jimmy and I are writing for Wildstorm. If you havenít checked it out please do.

(2) What is your book about?

The Resistance is a high-octane, sci-fi action adventure story set in, yes you guessed it the future. It is a book about ordinary people branded as criminals by their own society, fighting for survival and trying to build a better world. We set up your basic post apocalyptic dystopian society as the world rocked by a terrorist attack allows a corrupt government to take over. Oh wait, thatís actually happening.

Following the destruction of nearly three quarters of the world's plant life in the disaster of 2030 the world has been thrown into an ecological imbalance. The world's oxygen production declined so greatly, artificial respiratory factories were constructed to manufacture breathable air. One hundred years of food riots, famine, war and chaos followed. Now, in 2280, drugs are legal, religion is outlawed, food is world's most precious commodity and the planet is under the watchful eye of the Global Control Commission. Even breeding rights are now controlled by law, only those capable of financially supporting children and contributing to the global economy were granted these rights. But for the sake of self-preservation, the poor and unfortunate continued to breed.

Due to the moral implications of such a law, androids were constructed as a nonbiased police force to hunt down, capture and even kill citizens. Unauthorized free-births began calling themselves Strayz as they had, under, GCC law, deviated from the so-called good of humanity. Born with a death certificate and embracing an extreme lifestyle of decadence and peril, these small cells of Resistance fighters look to overthrow the GCC.

(3) What is the origin of this project, secret or otherwise? Give us the origin story.

After we landed the gig to create 21Down Bob Harras and the good people at Wildstorm liked it so much that they wanted another project from us, one that was completely different from 21Down.

Jimmy and I sought to do a project where we could sit around and throw brain grenades at the world. We also wanted to do a non-superhero title with insane amounts of in your face action and visual stimulation. We bounced around concepts for a while and decided to build an environment where we controlled all you see and hear, provided thrills and still made some noise about real world events.

(4) Aside from the promise of tall dollars, what drew you to this project? Why now?

Creating your own characters is a huge draw. Being in a position to build an audience on the merit of the work rather than tradition, as well as being able to offer people something new is an even bigger draw. Why now? Why not?

(5) Why should a reader pick your book over, say, lunch on a given day? Pitch away.

This is lunchmeat for the soul. Prolonged exposure to this book will cause your eyes to explode. We laced the pages of each copy with nano-narcotics to make sure that doesnít happen. We want you to be safe.

We offer you mermaids and serpent girls (they can be very persuasive), chases, crashes, gunfights, explosions, tender moments of quiet reflection, action, action, action, youíll laugh and maybe youíll even get angry and want to hurt us, weíre willing to take that risk. It will be unpredictable, 22 pages of distraction and entertainment, delivered monthly for the wholesome and politically correct citizens of Earth.

(6) Anything else you'd like to add?

This is NOT an Authority spin-off. The Resistance is good clean fun. Join up now.

Concluding Note: Where can readers go for more information:

Jimmy and I are accessible all the time, fans buy the books and we like to thank them personally when they do. We can be found at www.paperfilms.com, www.wildstorm.com, and www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com where we post a biweekly column.

Related Art:

Issue 2, Page 4

Issue 2, Page 5

Issue 2, Page 15

Issue 2, Page 16

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