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The Pitch:
Geoff Johns & Trina Robbins
By Geoff Johns & Trina Robbins


Welcome to Slushfactory.com's weekly feature, "The Pitch." Every Wednesday two creators "pitch" you their newest, upcoming project in hopes of convincing you to give it a chance.

Pitching last week: Jose Villarrubia & Dan Schaffer

THE PITCH: One creator, Six questions.

Pitch: Geoff Johns

Your name: Geoff Johns
Title of book: Hawkman
Publisher of book: DC Comics
Ongoing or miniseries: Ongoing
Other collaborators on book: James Robinson, Rags
Morales, Michael Bair - Peter Tomasi, editor
Expected on-sale date: Now!

(1) Fill in the blanks: My name is Geoff Johns and I am best known for...JSA and Flash I'd guess.

(2) What is your book about?

About the toughest and most bi-polar character in the DCU. Carter Hall -- Hawkman. He's trying to answer the question -- Does love last forever?

(3) What is the origin of this project, secret or otherwise? Give us the origin story.

After Hawkman came back in JSA, Peter considered doing a Hawkman book. After talking with James and myself it evolved from there. Peter has a great enthusiasm and strength in story and character. He's the guiding force behind this book.

(4) Aside from the promise of tall dollars, what drew you to this project? Why now?

Because Hawkman is a great character. He goes from one extreme to another. He's fascinated by art and history, because he lived through it. He loves culture because he's from every culture. Yet, when he puts that helmet on he reverts back to the primitive fighter he once was. He struggles with balancing the different aspects of his personality -- his past and his future.

(5) Why should a reader pick your book over, say, lunch on a given day? Pitch away.

Rags Morales and Michael Bair. Their artwork is absolutely breathtaking. The double-page spread in #5 was one of my favorite images in comics history.

On the story side, it's about two lovers reincarnated over and over again -- now in this life, one of them (Hawkgirl) has no memories of her past and no interest in finding it while Hawkman wants nothing more than to relive it.

(6) Anything else you'd like to add?

We've got a lot twists and turns coming up between Hawkman and Hawkgirl, their relationship is going to evolve in an unexpected way. Atom and Dr. Fate are coming up as well as a killer one-shot Lives Past issue written by James Robinson, pencils by Rags and finished by Tim Truman.

Concluding Note: Where can readers go for more information:


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Issue #8

Issue #9

Pitch: Trina Robbins

Your name: Trina Robbins
Title of book: The Collected GoGirl! trade paperback
Publisher of book: Dark Horse
Ongoing or miniseries: This is the first 5 issues of an ongoing series collected in graphic novel form. Coming in the future: issue #6.
Other collaborators on book: I'm the writer, and Anne Timmons is the artist. We are the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby of girls' comics!
Expected on-sale date: October 16th

(1) Fill in the blanks: My name is Trina Robbins and I am best known for...writing books about women and comics.

(2) What is your book about?

Lindsay is a teenager whose mom was a superheroine -- called Go-Go Girl -- back in the 1970s. She has inherited her mother's ability to fly, although her mom gave up flying long agao when her husband felt threatened by having a wife who could fly (they divorced anyway!). Now she's become GoGirl!, wearing her mom's old costume and learning how to be a superheroine. It's not easy -- her only talent is flying -- she doesn't have X-ray vision and she can't catch bullets with her bracelets. She's just a nice, normal teenager who happens to be able to fly!

(3) What is the origin of this project, secret or otherwise? Give us the origin story.

Lindsay has been flying in secret and not telling her mom, who's kinda bummed by having given it up herself. Then, when her best friend is kidnapped, she has to spring to action. She's always known that her mom keeps her old costume folded up in the back of a bottom drawer, and her white go-go boots in the back of the closet, she she retrienes them -- they fit perfectly! -- a springs, or flies, into action as GoGirl!

(4) Aside from the promise of tall dollars, what drew you to this project? Why now?

I have always wanted to do a book with a teenage heroine, and in fact, did some limited series back in the 1980s, for Marvel's Star line, and for Eclipse comics. But it seemed as though comics publishers and editors weren't interested in anything about or for girls, so I gave up (Just like Lindsay's mom!). Then I met Anne Timmons at a convention, and we became email penpals, and one day she wrote, "Why don't you write a comic, and I'll draw it?" I didn't think we'd have any success selling a girls' comic to anyone, but I couldn't resist trying, so I searched my mental file cabinet -- I've got tons of ideas in there -- and came up with GoGirl! Anne loved it and drew it beautifully, and much to my surprise, first Larry Marder and then Jim Valentino wanted it for Image. We did five issues with them, and now we're doing this collection with Dark Horse, and I'm STILL surprised that publishers actually like us!

(5) Why should a reader pick your book over, say, lunch on a given day? Pitch away.

You should NEVER skip lunch! But maybe one day you could bring your own lunch from home and buy our book -- because it's a fun read! If you're tired of grim'n'gritty, try GoGirl! There's humor and plenty of action, but never any graphic violence and it's never meanspirited. Anne Timmons' art is beautiful! Girls, and boys who like girls, will like this book.

(6) Anything else you'd like to add?

If you like GoGirl!, write to me at mswuff@juno.com! We'll need letters for issue #6.

Concluding Note: Where can readers go for more information:

My website: Trinarobbins.com
Anne Timmons' website: http://homepage.mac.com/tafrin

Related Art:

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