"Yes, Salgood Sam is my full-time alias but it's no secret that my real name is Max(im) E. Douglas.  Born 1970, Sept. 15 in Toronto, Canada to Arna Selznik and Lionel Douglas, a couple of crazy Beatnik kids. Raised in the city core and the Beaches, tortured throughout school and eventually dropped out in grade 11. Moved out on my own at 18, worked in a movie theater (the Bloor Cinema), went on welfare, or as i like to call it, my art's grant, got my portfolio together, and at the age of 20, landed my first job at Marvel. 

"Proceeded to embark on a whirlwind career and burn out at 24, worked as a bus boy in a bar, sold pot, started using Salgood Sam, got a job at an animation studio, got my shit together, moved to Montreal, started doing a lot of band posters and related stuff, worked on the heavy metal fakt2 project, quit cus' the job was crap, started doing comics again, got a couple of gigs at DC with Andy Helfer (a real nice guy); worked most of last year on the Wonder Woman Realworlds graphic novel, went to the Burning Man festival this last fall, fell in love with the girl of my dreams this New Years, and now here we are."

Interview Conducted By
Brian Jacks



How old were you when you first started reading comics?

Well that's hard to say, the first comics in my life that I can remember
were my father's Freekbrothers and rip-offs, Mad, X-Men and Heavy Metal. I
started buying my own when my dad died (8 years old) but I didn't really get
into them till I saw Bill Sienkievicz's New Mutants

What made you want to get into comics?

I was already drawing a lot and the art captured my imagination, it took me a bit before I actually started trying to draw them myself but when I started high school I met a kid (George Toderoski) who already was getting something published (during the B&W boom) and one thing led to the next. 

Who are your inspirations?

In order of my discovering them: Barry Windsor-Smith, Bill Sienkievicz, Alan Moore, John Totleben, Alen Davis, Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman, Klimt, Piccaso. 

Did you go to an art school?

Sort of, my high school hosted the gifted-arts program for my school board. 

What kind of art work did you do while trying to break into mainstream?

Well, I was drawing comics and painting a little bit and I've always played with photography, but mostly I drew everything. I broke into the mainstream (Marvel) when I was 20. 

How did you break into mainstream? (How were you discovered)

I sent in some work to DC and Marvel. Marvel hired me. It's just a question of timing, being there when they need someone and being good enough to get their attention. These days there aren't a lot of jobs to go around so that of course makes it harder but in the end if you got the chops you'll get the job, sooner or later.

What has been your favorite project so far?

That would be the three personal projects (all comic-related) I'm working on right now. I suppose you mean published stuff....well Wonder Woman gets high marks, I'm quite happy with it, but for sheer buzz, even now I'm not that fond of the work, my first published work, a hard to find incomplete story called Nature of the Beast, nothing beats the first time you get ink on your hands. 

Your Reefer Madness is really well done. How did you get that job?

Same as the first job, sent in some samples and called Andy up, being a friendly pest helps. I was just starting to get back into the idea of drawing comics and figured that it would be a good idea to get the Salgood name into circulation.

How'd you get hooked up with DC Comics's 70s book?

By developing a working relationship with Andy and his former assistant Jim Higgins (Jim Edited The Big Book Of The Seventies

Any upcoming titles that you can tell us about?

Yes, my three babies. First there is Nuts, the working title for a project that has been in development for 3 years now by myself and my good friend and collaborator Jonathan Sugerman. It's a black comedy that started life as a satire of Peanuts but has evolved into something much more interesting. Clocking in somewhere past the 200 pg mark; it's basically a full novel in length and like the other two projects will be a little bit yet in the making but i think well worth the wait. 

Also in the works is a sci-fi novel called Bliss, a story about the pursuit of power and revenge in a future ruled by knowledge/people with the most information, and a sister project called Pin City, a surrealist noir tale centering around a short order cook who works in the Lover's Diner and captures the heart of the city. Development material such as caricature designs and notes will be up on my web site in the near future.

The Slush Factory would like to thank "Salgood Sam" for his participation in our look at this new Arriving Talent.

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