Image Debuts Shadows

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

"In the space between fantasy and reality lies the province of the unknown, and out of that hazy realm comes SHADOWS, an all-new series from Image Comics that beckons readers to join four disparate individuals on their quest to uncover some of our world's darkest secrets." - Image

Created by newcomers Jade Dodge (story) and Matt Camp (art), with colors by Guy Major, SHADOWS is the story of four paranormal investigators who have set out to explore the hidden secrets of our world and shed light on those things that lurk in the dark. Along the way, they discover that some of the creatures who've made their homes in the shadows will do anything to keep from being disturbed...and that they possess a number of dark secrets themselves.

Dodge explained that there are five main characters in SHADOWS: Jacob Stevenson, Peter Shelley, Morgan Wells, Tyler King and Jillian Adams. Stevenson is both the team's co-founder and benefactor, fascinated by the paranormal, but unwilling to leave his home due to progressively intensifying delusional anxiety. The second co-founder, Shelley, is also the team's field leader and a long-time friend of Stevenson's with a shared fascination in the unknown. The rest of the field team is comprised of Wells a child genius struggling to find her place in adulthood without the help of her upper class family), King (a freelance paranormal investigator forced to join the team out of financial necessity) and Adams (a street kid who crosses paths with King while working on a case in San Francisco and is taken under the team's care as part of King's agreement to work with Stevenson and Shelley).

"In many ways, the cases are almost secondary to the personal journeys and transformations of the characters," Dodge admits. "Through attempting to learn more about the strange world of the paranormal, each of them is forced to confront the secrets that lie hidden within themselves."

SHADOWS is one of a number of recent Image projects developed by new talent and will debut alongside another series by a comics newcomer, SAMMY: TOURIST TRAP by writer/artist Azad.

"2003 is really going to be a banner year for Image in terms of showcasing new talent," boasted Image VP/Publisher Jim Valentino. "We've got a whole slate of great projects by some incredibly talented newcomers on the way."

Image Director of Marketing Eric Stephenson added: "Marquee names obviously demand the most attention in any entertainment medium, but it's always important to seek out new voices in hope that today's rookies will eventually develop into tomorow's heavy hitters."

SHADOWS #1 will be available for order in the December issue of Diamond Previews and will arrive in stores in February 2003.

A five-page preview is available online at

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