Batman #608 Sells Out

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

First, BATMAN #608 was named the top-selling comic of October. Then, the issue sold out its initial print run at DC before its in-store date. Now, one of the most talked-about, in-demand comics in recent memory makes news again, as the second printing of BATMAN #608 has sold out less than a week after its in-store date of November 13.

"I'm flabbergasted," says penciller Jim Lee. "The response from retailers and fans has been completely beyond what Jeph [Loeb] and I expected. And this is only after the first issue! This kind of thing is unheard of, in my experience - it's exciting!"

"This is so overwhelming, it's hard to imagine it getting better," says writer Jeph Loeb. "And then I remember that we're only on the first issue! There's all kinds of good stuff coming: Superman, The Joker, Nightwing... All of us on the team want to thank the retailers and the readers who are spreading the good word and getting folks racing into the stores to buy not only Batman, but other great titles as well!"

"I don't recall ever running out of a second printing so quickly," said Vince Letterio, DC's Manager - Direct Sales. "The response from retailers has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a swift sell-through and strong word-of-mouth. Expect the continued strong quality of the stories to sustain this positive momentum."

Upcoming issues of BATMAN and related items are available as follows:

The BATMAN BY JIM LEE POSTER (SEP020259) is advance solicited in the September issue of Previews (Vol. XII, #9) with an in-store date of February 26, 2003 and is available for advance reorders.

BATMAN #609 (SEP020160) is available for advance reorder and has an in-store date of November 27.

BATMAN #610 (OCT020739) is solicited in the October issue of Previews (Vol. XII, #10), with an in-store date of December 26.

BATMAN #611 (NOV020720) is solicited in the November issue of Previews (Vol. XII, #11) and is scheduled to reach comic book stores on January 22. As a reminder, retailers who place initial orders on this issue that match or increase their initial orders on issue #608 will receive an additional five-percent discount.

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