Oni Brings Out The Midnight Mover

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Oni Press has announced MIDNIGHT MOVER, a four-issue miniseries by crime maestro Gary Phillips and his accomplices, artists Jeremy Love and Jeff Wasson. Featuring covers by HARLEY QUINN artist Mike Huddleston (THE COFFIN), this tale of sex and murder features the seedy world of the Los Angeles porn industry more commonly found on late night pay cable than in comic books.

“Gary Phillips isn’t like other comic writers,” said series editor James Lucas Jones. “He brings a different kind of wit, experience, and point-of-view to a North American comic scene that often seems stagnant. SHOT CALLERZ, his first comics work, brought the intensity and street-level brutality of his prose to a whole new audience. MIDNIGHT MOVER promises the same urban thrills and even crazier characters.”

Describing MIDNIGHT MOVER, Oni says it is a "story of dominatrix detectives and past-their-prime porn stars follows ex-military man and current stoner Danny Shaw. For Danny, blunts keep the pain of his existence dull and bearable while chaperonin’ hos keeps the rent paid. But when a girl gets knifed on his watch, Danny can kiss all that goodbye and say hello to life on the lam."

“I can’t be anybody but me,” Phillips commented. “These are the kinds of characters I like to write about. Down, dirty, but in the end redeemable. This is the city I like to write about. It’s my home and there ain’t no place on Earth like L.A. This book is all me—big, bold, and unashamed.”

Hot on Danny’s trail, Detectives Oh and Padilla just want to find the killer. Well, maybe not. Padilla wouldn’t mind a nice dinner with his wife and kids and Oh can barely wait for her next trip to the fetish club. Will the two cops drastically different private lives interfere with their pursuit of Danny? And what about the real killer?

“Gary writes scripts no one else would dare,” added Love. “When copies of SHOT CALLERZ started floating around the Ghettosake offices (www.ghettosake.com) I knew Gary was someone I just had to work with. He delivers the perfect blend of suspense and action all set in a gritty world that’s just plain fun to draw.”

“Oni has made a recommitment to its crime fiction roots in the last year,” Oni editor in chief Jamie S. Rich said, “The gauntlet Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber threw down with WHITEOUT has been picked up by the talented likes of Gary Phillips and his collaborators. It’s a good time to be a fan of tales about bad people!”

MIDNIGHT MOVER #1 retails for $2.95. It has 24 pages of black-and-white story and art, and a full-color cover. This new series debuts in comic book stores on March 12. It contains harsh language and mature situations.

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