Larson's Dragon Ties The Knot

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Just a brief two months ago, SAVAGE DRAGON fans were celebrating the release of the series' 100th issue. Now creator Erik Larsen is preparing to mark another momentous occasion in the title as his signature character finally gets married in SAVAGE DRAGON #104.

The Dragon came within inches of wedded bliss way back in SAVAGE DRAGON #62 -- but things didn't exactly come together as planned due to the arrival of the Dragon's arch-nemesis, OverLord. This time, however, things work out a little differently for the harrowed hero, and this issue will mark not only a turning point for the Savage Dragon, but for the series as well.

"SAVAGE DRAGON has been a solo book since its inception," explained Larsen. "This issue changes all of that. Not a dream, not a hoax, not an imaginary story...this time it really happens."

Originally a cop for the Chicago Police department, Savage Dragon has proven to be anything but static. He's been a cop and a bounty hunter, he headed up a government super-team and he was an outlaw on an alternate world. Now the Dragon takes on his latest role as husband and father.

"At the conclusion of SAVAGE DRAGON #100, the Dragon was reunited with his long-lost love, Jennifer Murphy, and her daughter, Angel. This is the next logical step and one that will lead to a whole new realm of possible stories," said Larsen. "Being part of a family is much different from being single and that changed dynamic alters everything. When Dragon was single, he didn't have to concern himself as much with his actions -- now that he's married he'd think twice about tying the villainous Dung to a lamp post with his intestines. That's just the sort of thing kids at school might make fun of."

Larsen also explained that the Dragon's impending nuptials were the deciding factor in advertising issue #104 with a blank page.

"While I don't like the idea of giving retailers no information about an issue, the timing on this one made it necessary," Larsen said. "When the solicitation information for SAVAGE DRAGON #104 was due, issue #100 hadn't come out and I didn't want to telegraph Jennifer's return at the end of that story by talking about their upcoming wedding or showing off a cover with her on it. I knew it was a risk to solicit the book without any artwork or information, but I didn't want to spoil the ending of my 100th issue. Now that SAVAGE DRAGON #100 has come out, it seemed like a good idea to spill the beans."

SAVAGE DRAGON #104 was first offered in the August issue of Previews and is currently available for advance reorders before going on sale in early January.

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