Marvel Tells The Truth

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

From the offices of Marvel Comics:

The TRUTH is everywhere. In Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Spin, The Source, the Associated Press, Chicago Sun-Times, NY Daily News, Seattle Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Marvel's TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLACK, the six-issue mini-series revealing the controversial secret origin of Captain America, is this year's crossover comic book event, with more mainstream press still on the horizon. So for readers who might have missed out on the rapidly selling-out first issue or this week's MARVEL MUST HAVE edition, has published a special full DOTCOMIC edition of TRUTH #1 - all 23 pages, absolutely free.

And after you've read TRUTH #1, check out TRUTH #2, on sale 12/18 (and retailers are reminded the Final Order Cut-Off date is 11/28).

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