Update: Humanoids Changes Name on Coraline Project

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

As reported on July 29, Humanoids announced a Terry Dodson graphic album entitled Coraline. Unbeknownst to the publisher, however, was that a Neil Gaiman novel of the same name already existed.

Humanoids's Ian Sattler has now told Slushfactory.com that due to the Gaiman book, their Dodson project will get a name change.

"Our highly anticipated project with Terry Dodson, Coraline, has just started production," says Sattler. "This makes our decision to change the name of the project an easy one considering we haven't gone to print yet. We were unaware of Mr. Gaiman's book of the same title, and want to avoid creating any confusion for fans and retailers. We will be announcing a new title shortly, and sincerely hope that everybody comes out to see Terry's awesome work when the book is done. We also wish Neil the best of luck with his Coraline, and are pleased that somebody so talented got such a great name for a book. At least this way we know it's being put to good use."

To read the company's original announcement and to view art from the project, click here.

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